Post 385


No sooner has the clock debacle been ironed out to the relative satisfaction of residents than another controversy seems likely to once again threaten the security of the newly liberated ‘Staghan.

The latest battle of minds centres on the decision of the local legislature to enter into a three-year contract with SkyTV© for exclusive rights to televise the townland’s ‘Tug-Of-War’ contests.

“We want this sorted but at the moment the two sides are pulling in different directions!” Anonymous local Mr Holden Lieback told us, “Both are digging their heels in but eventually the strain will show. Sky are being very generous but really, it’s money for old rope”.

Mediators have called on both sides to reach a compromise soon before we run out of tug-of-war related puns.


3 thoughts on “Post 385

  1. That ‘Staghan team has come along way from their first competition where they were disqualified for pushing………now there’s not a team on the planet they couldn’t pull off.

  2. Congratulations! A great piece of writing, I can hear the sound of the hobnail boots and smell the Slone’s Liniment.

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