Post 367

Local MLA David McIlveen has announced his intention to run debt management classes in Portglenone Community Centre.

The Gortfad Road telegraph pole shifting politician has formulated a seemingly fool proof scheme to circumvent demands for cash.

The simple strategy involves agreeing a monthly repayment sum with one’s creditors, honouring this commitment for several months and then, without warning or explanation, refusing to hand over another silver cent.

Davy has however stressed that the system may not be apt for everyone but has been crafted especially to suit those who tried to cash in on the housing boom just before the country went ‘baps up’ but would still like to be taken seriously as an upstanding member of the community.


McIlveen appealing to High Court to ‘forget’ about the cash he owes.

A satirical take on the story can be read here;


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