Post 348

Minority Sports – No.10: Greyhound Racing

Never, under any circumstances to be confused with ‘dogging’ another sport which involves chasing a quarry round a track, greyhound racing has always been popular in Portglenone which has produced some fine specimens down the years…sorry, strayed into dogging again.

The hobby is a relatively simple and cheap one to get involved in. Firstly, one must starve a Labrador until its bones are protruding through its skin, and then teach it to run like fuck. That’s pretty much it.

Greyhounds require a lot of exercise which will mean regular walks for both trainer and animal, morning and night. Incidentally, night walks provide excellent cover for dogging, another sport which I may or may not have mentioned previously.

Some of the most famous greyhounds to emerge from the Portglenone area include; Gortgole Lad, Garvaghy Lass, Bendy Mary and…I’ve got confused again, haven’t I?

Moustaches: Hares take precedence over hairs. (Thankfully no dogging confusion there)

The entire village of Clady is banned from Lifford Dog Track but we are entirely in the ‘dark’ as to why this is.



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