Post 347

Following a recent surge in interest into the drugs trade in Portglenone, the mysterious figure, ‘The Window Cleaner’ has emerged from the shadows to produce a charity ‘Christmas single’ which he hopes will detract from his present bad press.

The Window Cleaner has enlisted the help of several of his erstwhile accomplices for the project. Unfortunately, we daren’t reveal the identities of those involved save to say that two own large supermarkets in the village, one is the Abbot of a local monastery and the last is Norman Worthington.

A promo of the single is available here;


2 thoughts on “Post 347

  1. You’re right the Window Cleaner is a wrong’en. Here is part of a blackmail note he sent the wife;
    Pyjamas lyin’ side by side
    Ladies nighties I have spied
    I’ve often seen what goes inside
    When I’m cleanin’ windows
    (I think he might have copied this from a Heaney poem.)

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