Post 325


Religious leaders from the main churches of Tamlaght O’Crilly parish have been meeting in the lounge of Clady Bar to discuss their approach to the recent secession of Moneystaghan from the fold.

Imperial Grand Imam, the Right Reverend Feet La Bamba of the ‘7up Pre-emptive Church of God and Stuff’ told us,

“Our primary concern at the moment is to prevent other townlands from following suit; we must stop the domino effect from occurring. We saw this with communism; first one goes then its neighbours also lie end to end and break out in large white dots.”

Turnip rationing has begun in Lyle, Hiltonstown and eastern Aughnahoy.


4 thoughts on “Post 325

  1. White spots sounds bad. Usually the Domino effect comes with black olives, anchovies, pepperonis and sun dried tomatoes.

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