Post 323


Our reporters have contacted us by video link just now to tell us that agreement on a new national anthem for Moneystaghan has not yet been reached.

It appears that two factions have emerged with radically different ideas on the subject but that both sides have agreed to temporarily go with ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ until a final decision can be made.

In other news, a child called Gethsemane McGrill had a puncture on the rear wheel of her bicycle near the lower entrance to the moss. It’s believed the half-step gearing will make the repair task ‘mildly tricky’.

Tune in through the night for more.


4 thoughts on “Post 323

  1. I know the second half of this post contains the coded message from the rebels but I haven’t worked it out. Is it anything to do with, bring us a Big Steve Burger and a Pulled Pork Sandwich?

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