Post 282

With the news this week that McCann’s shop and filling station has been taken over by supermarket chain, Supervalu, many of you will think that it is simply one more local name swallowed up by the relentless march of big business.

However, our ‘Pointless Graphs Department’ were immediately on the case, carrying out a survey which revealed a, not altogether surprising, result.



(We have the name of the tool who said he’d now call it ‘Supervalu’. To find out who he is, email us at the usual address)


7 thoughts on “Post 282

  1. Is this true? Is this breaking news or heart breaking news? Do we have to settle for the name Supervalu? Why not SuperMcCanns? Why not Molloy’s Ford?

  2. Ye didney ask me, I still call it ‘The Esso – Costcutters – EuroSpar – Mace – VG – Glenone Filling Station’……for short.!

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