Post 263

Following an interesting (if possibly bogus) point of information from Gortgole Lad in Post 263 concerning the official titles for inhabitants of particular townlands, we felt it was our duty to investigate.

What we made up discovered was both fascinating and fascinating.

CLADY                             C Ladyboys

GLENONE                       GODs     (From Glen One Dimensionals)

INNISRUSH                    Wee Reds   (From Diminished Russian – Dim Innisrush Man)

LARGY                              Lar Geebags

LISNAHUNCHEON     Lisnahunchbacks

GORTGOLE                    Gortgoalmouths

GORTFAD                       Gort Tards

TULLYNAHINNION    Tullynahin Yins

DRUMOOLISH              Drumfoolish

NEWFERRY                    Newfarious

BRACKNAMUCKLEY   Bracknamuck Savages

KILLYCON                       No, can’t think of one

PORTGLENONE            Tramps


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