Post 257 is six months old

Hard to believe that I have kept this utter nonsense going for half a year but what is harder to comprehend is that in those six months, there have been;

51, 231 Views (albeit 51,000 of these may have been me)

957 Comments (379 were by me)

50 people have signed up as followers (including me under 2 different names)

and Moneystaghan has been insulted 167 times.

Below is a graph which either proves the above statistics or provides a handy map for those of you intending to go hiking in the Himalayas.



10 thoughts on “Post 257

  1. Thon’s impressive figures. Only Kylie M has a more impressive figure.
    Damn I mentioned Kylie while still in bed and on the internet.

  2. I always pictured Den’s Hill as a purple pyramid with an oblique hexagon at the tap. It’s the highest in Staghan or maybe that’s me again. Staghan insult count -168

  3. It’s that corner at Pin’s I can’t work out? Is it the small blue pyramid beside the red yin? I foo kin hate Staghan me. I always wanted to be from Innisrush! That’s what has me on the meth. Analyse that, Freud, ye fookker!

    • Compulsion Inneurosish: a mental illness whose symptoms are either prohibitions and atonements (e.g., washing one’s hands over and over) or symbolic substitute gratifications. As always for Freud, the problem’s core is repressed sexual wishes–in this case the desire to masturbate. We now call this Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. (He says you’re a wanker)

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