Post 241

Cooking with Caroline


Today we start a new culinary feature for woman and gays. Mrs Caroline Radio of Killygarn has joined our staff and she will present recipes which suggest ways of using up those ingredients which sometimes appear out of the blue in large quantities.

Recipe 1 – Boiled Baby Goat

Ingredients: One squashed baby goat, spuds, a gravy stock cube (We recommend Oxo as it scores highly in Scrabble) and parsley.


Remove black plastic sinews and rancid silage from the goat.

De-skin animal using a knife or hungry dog.

Place the carcass in an old bath full of boiling water and wait until there’s a bonfire. (Hallowe’en, Eleventh Night or St. John’s Eve but never an Internment one)

Add sack of spuds and gravy cube and simmer for three days.

Remove any drunken revellers and serve, remembering to garnish with parsley. We appreciate that parsley is sometimes hard to come by but we suggest any handful of foliage from the hedge will produce a similar appearance and flavour.


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