Post 235

The Drumbolg Joke-Book

There was standing room only this week in Drumbolg Fourth Non-Conforming Reborn Free, Locked-Up and then Free Again Reformed Presbyterian Church Hall, for the launch of the eagerly anticipated, “Drumbolg Joke Book”.  (Chairs were considered an affront to Christianity)

Often perceived as an austere and puritanical breed, the ‘Bolgers’ who reside in the suburbs of South-East Tamlaght got together to produce this anthology of mirth in the hope of proving to the outside world that although they appear solemn and grave on the exterior, inside they are every bit as fun-loving as their neighbours in Lyle.

It must be said that the Drumbolg sense of humour takes a little getting used to but they have kindly given us permission to reproduce some of their best gags.


This man walks into a bar. He then remembers that alcohol is Beelzebub’s sex-juice and immediately leaves.

A priest, a rabbi and an imam are walking down the street. All three are destined to burn in hell for their false idolatry and blasphemy.

How many Presbyterians does it take to change a light bulb? Change? You must be joking!

Knock Knock? Who’s there? The repeated name of a town in County Mayo where deluded Papists cavort in acts of water-based iniquity.

Doctor Doctor, I’ve severed my own arm in a thresher! Well come in and see me then. No, sorry, we’re too busy with the potatoes and such.

What do you get if you cross a sheep and a kangaroo? Something ungodly I’d imagine and anyhow, the word ‘cross’ is banned in this townland.

Yo mama, she so old, it’s testament to a lifetime of sobriety and good living.


If you have any suggestions for jokes for volume II, please submit them to us and we’ll pass them on.


3 thoughts on “Post 235

  1. Q) What’s the difference between a Bolger & an O’Crillyin ?
    A) A Bolger is just the same with all the kindness, generosity & thoughtfulness squeezed out of them.

    Q) what do you call a Drumbolgan with a smile on their face ?
    A) Dead.

    Did you hear about the Drumbolg Philanthropist ?
    No……….neither did I.

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