Post 230

Was out and about in the village today and there was a distinct atmosphere of suspicion. Turns out that you are all dubious about the new sperm bank which opened on Monday.

The problem seems to be that despite reports that business was booming, there didn’t appear to be any activity around the premises to back up these claims.

As a result, we contacted Blue Star Limited and they explained that for reasons of anonymity, most of their trade is conducted in units to the rear of the historic building. Realising how this misinterpretation might lead to difficulties, the company has since erected advertising to draw potential customers’ attention to the geography of the plant.



7 thoughts on “Post 230

  1. That explains that then. I like the subliminal advertising, the Christmas tree, reminds us that sperm is not just for Christmas.

  2. ** Competition Time **……Now that there’s no longer a Bank in Bank Square & considering the new use for the premises and also that money is tight, utilising the existing signage try & cum up with an appropriate new name………… * ANK SQUARE ??…….Ideas anyone ?!?!?…….Winner gets a years supply on Sample Phials FOC.

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