Post 228

Doctor’s Corner – Number 27


I experience panic attacks any time I try to use the phone. It all began a few weeks back when I made a call and the lady at the other end was very rude and unhelpful. She asked me a lot of very personal questions and showed absolutely no sympathy towards my needs.

Yours, The Population of Portglenone.

Dear The Population of Portglenone, next please, pull yourself together and it’s not unusual…sorry, wrong patient. Actually this is a very common experience and something not unique to Portglenone. Fortunately, there is a simple treatment available; Stop phoning the health centre. 


6 thoughts on “Post 228

  1. don’t worry, what you have is not catching,We’ll soon put a stop to that,here, try this kite,Didn’t I see you yesterday?,come back tomorrow and we’ll see what develops!You’ve got a cute little dimple too,You certainly do missy, this is the fish and chip shop!,how long have you been getting these disney spells?,don’t worry, you’re just a little hoarse!,I think you may have irrtitable vowel syndrome..Don’t worry, it’s only analogy,Oh dear, I’m afraid to say it looks to me like just the tip of the iceberg.

  2. When you call a lady at the other end don’t expect her to be happy. Anyway, you should just go to your work and stop mal-ringering .

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