Post 225

A special free gift today for the big and little kids alike. Can you help ‘Wee Sammy’ in his fetching green sports car, get to midnight mass in the monastery without him being stopped by the cops?

All you need is a dice and a suspension of reality but remember, Sammy has neither tax nor insurance and may very well be drunk so watch out for the ‘boys in blue’. (Greeny-blue)

Click on game to enlarge or print out for family fun at home or drunk in the car



10 thoughts on “Post 225

  1. What about knocking the fisherman down ( & boring him to death ), through the range wall and take the aquatic route much more direct, sorted…….or right turn @ Eurospar and use Pat Fullofhimself’s rear entrance.

  2. Don’t suppose it is in the spirit of the thing, but why does wee Sammy want do go to the monastery? Why is he wearing a Granny Smith on his head? And is he really psnied?

  3. What If you’re banned from the Monastery for questioning the Pope’s infallibility, as well as attacking the Mass rock with a claw hammer…and smoking meth in one of the confessionals while listening to some great sins!

  4. Well you go to the PSNI station, directly to the PSNI station …… ophs! that’s right, just like the bank, it’s closed. (Mr Port, have you any word on the commercial proposals for the old barracks?)

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