Post 203

The row concerning the official name of the riverside towpath in Glenone escalated today with the emergence of a rival organisation to those gobshites at GABSHITE which we mentioned yesterday.

‘Bannside and Surrounding Townlands against Recent Distribution of Stickers’ or ‘BASTARDOS’ for slightly shorter, have announced their intention to fight any possibility of a return to the use of the name, ‘Molloy’s Ford’.

Moreover, they have begun a campaign to replace the traditional names of several other well-known Portglenone beauty spots with more modern titles. Among their demands are;

Lovers’ Lane – Graveyard and Former Recycling Amenity Ramble

The Footstick – Limited Pedestrian Access Bridge

The Sandy Lonan – Perfunctory Domestic Laneway Adjacent to A42

The Plant’on – Concealed WW2 Pill Box Stroll West

Agnews’ Hill – Concealed WW2 Pill Box Stroll East

The Horseshoe Bend – Rising Angular Gradient Amble

The Bark Brae – Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Scroggy – Greater Innisrush Clay Pigeon Shooting Facility

Baxter’s Wood – The Rest of Us Wouldn’t

Clady – Knackersville  

The time has come to choose sides. Let us know where you stand and we will pass your details on…to the highest bidder.



7 thoughts on “Post 203

  1. Knocknabrock – Badgers’ Brothel. Ballynease – severe inflammation of the mid-leg joint suffered by male dancers in white tights (similar to woofters’ elbow).

  2. A new group – Indigenous Native Glenone Loving Oralists Unilaterally Renaming Icons of Ulster’s Sod…….have joined the above group……or INGLOURIOUS BASTARDOS for short.

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