Post 200

With Gig ‘n the Bann 2013 just around the corner, you will all no doubt be anxious to know what the weather will be doing over the coming weekend. We contacted Frank Mitchell from UTV and it’s good news…we punched him in the face.

Back to the weather forecast now;

Friday night will see outbreaks of chequered shirts and occasional cowboy boots in the vicinity of The Wild Duck but this will quickly be replaced on Saturday by fast-moving nodding of heads and widespread dangly earrings.

These will build towards evening but are likely to be concentrated at the lower end of the street. Further to the east, bands of drunken Catholics and sombre Presbyterians will meet in and around the vicinity of Pat’s bar with any lingering Calvinism dying out by dusk.

Insobriety will become more widespread by midnight but with rising temperatures, we cannot rule out sudden bursts of County Derry GAA players settling old scores with each other.

High pressure will build inside the heads of revellers by Sunday morning when things will be mostly calm but there always will be the threat of mild thranness as a result.

Dangly earrings may return for a while on Sunday night, accompanied by environmentally friendly fabrics but a strong front of local stupidity should see these quickly disappear.

Oh and it will pish from Thursday until Monday.

In Summary – Click Image to Enlarge



12 thoughts on “Post 200

  1. Anyone who changes their name from Francis McClory to Frank Mitchell needs punched… daily. …..Those lug rings look like they’re out of the Book O’ Kells ( the yin near B’mena…there’s only 1 book in it )…….am I seeing double or is that the Ayatollah and his Bro. being chucked out of Diamonds.

  2. Some Calvinists may be blowing a heavy moderate with drifting squaws from the Clady direction displacing big fronts from Smyth Crescent, and inebriated gaels rising slowly but subsiding later due to cloudy vodka. Outlook – blocked

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