Post 188

As of 9 o’clock this morning (Standard Tully Time) our site has had a grand total of 9,921 visitors.

This is a remarkable feat considering that we only started in June, the fact that only 9,640 of those visitors were myself and wide availability of internet porn. That’s not even to mention that Portglenone has but a sane population of 114.

To mark the upcoming milestone of out 10,000th visitor, we are offering a veritable ‘goody-bag’ of prizes to the lucky surfer.

Prizes will include;

1. An adhesive blue-star, sperm bank badge

2. A full, intimate health check-up from our experts at ‘Doctor’s Corner’

3. Your very own, hand painted, congratulatory bed-sheet, erected at the head of the town

4. A sneak preview of the upcoming ‘Newton Corner Joke’

5. All expenses paid weekend in Clady Timber

6. A lifetime supply of hilarious Lynn family name puns

7. The unyielding respect of your peers

8. Tyanee

Winners will be announced when a carve-up of the prizes has been agreed


4 thoughts on “Post 188

  1. I didn’t think there would be any need for adhesive on those badges…..badges we don’t need no sticky badges. ( name that movie ? )

  2. If by some miracle the putrefying hatred for the good Antrim folk of Portglenone constantly displayed on these pages happens to be suspended for a moment, and one of us happens to be a winner, could we have Gortfad rather than Tyanknee? Too many e’s and joints in that neck of the woods.

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