Post 187

Doctor’s Corner – Number can’t be bothered going back to check


I have had it up to here. Please help!

Yours, Me.

Dear Me, (You)

That’s a tricky one all right. The solution depends greatly on a number of variables; your height, your posture and your current location. I would suggest changing all three immediately with particular emphasis on avoiding ever being ‘here’ as having it up to there will never seem as upsetting. This might necessitate a major change in lifestyle but in the meantime, you could simply avoid being a weirdo.

You’re (Me’re) welcome,


6 thoughts on “Post 187

  1. Why don’t you climb down out of your own ass and go and get a length of blue rope……..must go now I’m manning the Samaritan phone helpline tonight.

  2. Are you a real doctor? I writ to you an age ago about having trouble with one of my balls ….. yes, my right eyeball, the glint is away out of it. Have you any real good suggestions?

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