Post 185

The Adventures of The Big Blue Star – Chapter Twelve

Maid of Sterner Stuff than Antrim – Many thanks to the eagle eye of Sean Mallory who brought this scandal to our attention.

The was a measure of embarrassment on the River Bann today when the area’s newest pleasure cruising business and the latest regeneration project from Big Blue Star Ltd, ground to a halt before it had even begun.

Big Blue himself was not available for comment but the craft’s skipper, one Francesco Schettino told us,

 “I knew the arches were too small to get through but I was pretty sure that if I flicked her on to her side, we could just about have managed it.”



4 thoughts on “Post 185

  1. Serves them right for employing that big nancy-boy Italian skipper. What could possibly have been wrong with that old seadog Captain Buggeroffski who offered his services at half the money?

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