Post 169

Doctor’s Corner No.5



A few days ago I began to feel a slight tickling at the back of my throat. Within a few hours, I started sneezing and developed a runny nose. Now I am feeling very sore all over and slightly feverish. At first I thought it was just ‘The Cold’ but then I realised that’s impossible as it’s still August. I’m at my wit’s end, please help.

Yours, Not Patrick and Not from Bannview Terrace.


Dear Patrick from Bannview Terrace,

It’s as obvious as the swollen nose on your face. What you have is what’s known in medical circles as ‘The Common Warm’. If you are male, it’s probably best to take a few days off work and stay in bed watching TV and drinking a quality Columbian coffee. If you are a woman however, catch a grip on yourself and do some vacuuming until you sweat it out.


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