Post 167

The Adventures of The Big Blue Star – Chapter Nine

Preliminary reports carried out on behalf of consortium behind Portglenone’s, soon to be launched, sperm bank, have shown that the sexual health of the village’s male population leaves a lot to be desired.

As a result, a third division of the company is to be set up to ensure that by the bank’s proposed opening date, the men of the town will also be in a fit and healthy state to launch.



4 thoughts on “Post 167

  1. Leave the Ternamites, roaches, sand fleas, tater bugs, grub worms, stingarees, childs of the earth, The ticks and the blow-flies — Alone !!!
    These is all of my little angels
    That go ’round helpin’ me do the best parts of my meanness.
    And mosquiters…….( A nod to W. G. )

  2. Now I get it! This whole Blue Star thing is the work to Beelzebub. STAR spelt backwards is Rats and BLUE played at 33 is EULB which as everyone knows is the satanic abbreviation for, ‘your soft bits will singe for all eternity’. You shapeshifter you.

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