Post 164

The Adventures of The Big Blue Star – Chapter Eight

Spokesmen for the much anticipated Blue Star Sperm Bank planned for Portglenone, have now revealed that on top of their banking services, they hope to also provide the full ‘seed to breed’ experience through a new subsidiary.


They have however asked us to clarify to our Clady readers that ‘IVF’ is not a proscribed organisation and to desist from their obscene graffiti immediately.


6 thoughts on “Post 164

  1. You would think they would know considering a lot of them look like sumfink that was just poured out of a test-tube & a few of them have glass jaws.

  2. Breaking News: Editor of ‘Portglenone’ flees Portglenone. Following unrelenting pressure from unidentified, sinister elements the editor has left the country. Unconfirmed reports say he is in a transit area of Geneva airport. All his supporters have both agreed to do all in their power to find him an asylum. A candle lit vigil will be held at Smithstown Cross (bring your own candle) tonight at dusk. Free the Portglen ONE!

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