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Interested in conservation? Want to see the traditional pastimes of the area protected? Then maybe you should get yourself along to the PCC for the AGM of the BVTCS on Wednesday evening, ETA 7.30 PM, ADM TBA.

Yes, the Bann Valley Trampoline Conservation Society was set up two years ago to tackle the worrying reduction in the number of trampolines found naturally in the gardens of Portglenone and surrounding areas.


Photo of how Glenone looked in 2003

“Only_-^-_three_-^-_years ago_-^-_it was_-^-_a common_-^-_sight to_-^-_see at_-^-_least one_-^-_trampoline_-^-_in every_-^-_garden.” Chairman, Philip O’Ver told us, “But now_-^-_some children_-^-_ might have_-^-_to travel_-^-_as far as_-^-_three doors_-^-_ away to_-^-_access a_-^-_good 10-footer.”

The society has received support and sponsorship from the insurance industry who have complained about the loss of business with fewer cars being totalled as a result of flying apparatus during storms. Unconfirmed reports also suggest that several nurses in Antrim Hospital have been made redundant due to a steep decline in trampoline related accidents.

A trial reintroduction of trampolines into estates in Clady was launched earlier this year with some initial success but it was affected by a surge in tennis rackets in late June and swamped by GAA jerseys in July.

Anyone interested in attending the AGM should contact society secretary, Summer Saulters on Freephone 0800-BROKEN-TIBIA.



3 thoughts on “Post 142

  1. 2003 in The Orchards, could you ever forget it. The old double full Barani ball-out with pike, roach and thorny. They sure could shape shift back then.

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