Post 132

Incredible as it might sound, this week sees the 25th anniversary of the legendary event which has now gone down as a milestone in comedic history; ‘The Clady Joke’

Most of our older readers will remember exactly where they were and what they were doing, the first time they heard The Clady Joke, which as we all know, was initially delivered downstairs in The Wild Duck.

Not only have we received permission to reproduce the joke here on our site, we have obtained exclusive access to the conversation which preceded it;

Scene: Wild Duck function room; our two anonymous protagonists from Glenone are seated at a table, awaiting the arrival onstage of ‘The Boardwalk Blues Band’.

P1: Here mate, did you ever notice how that Jim out of Neighbours is always hugging people for no reason?

P2: ‘Deed aye, even Bouncer gets a grope.

Door to function room opens

P1: Look, either there’s a leather fetish, poodle convention about to start or else the Clady contingent has arrived!

P2: Fuck, you’re right; the waistcoat ratio in here has just gone through the roof. I wonder which corner they’ll sit in to drink the half-bottles of Smirnoff they’ve smuggled in.

P1: Yip, and as soon as the band starts they’ll be nodding their heads that earnestly you’d swear they were on the back of a pratie trailer going up the Bellaghy Road.

P2: Ha! Get prepared for the inevitable cloud of sickly, sweet fumes from illicit narcotics.

P1: Here, how many Clady men does it take to roll a joint?

P2: I don’t know, how many Clady men does it take to roll a joint?

P1: Twenty! One to roll it and nineteen to make it look really obvious!

ALL: Copious mirth.



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