Post 125

Great news everyone, Hasbro have announced their intention to launch a Portglenone version of their board game classic, Monopoly.

The full details are being kept a closely guarded secret but the toy giant have granted Portglenone.wordpress an exclusive glimpse at how part of the board might look.

Click on the image to enlarge



9 thoughts on “Post 125

  1. Great idea! Hope they don’t just have properties in the town. We have some great dwellings up here in Connaughtligger. It’s up here on the face of Tully (the big hill) where we can look down on the likes of youns. And we do!

  2. Community Centre Chest. You have to buy funeral insurance from Bann Valley Credit Union . Pay £13.50 in perpituity.

  3. You’ve won the Greenlough GAA lotto snowball with the letters I,N,A, L. It hasn’t snowed in years and the miserable fuckers have froze the Jackpot at £5. Go back to Smithtown Cross or Ballynease or wherever the fuck you crawled out of.

  4. You have won second prize in a beauty contest….collect £10,000….all of which must be returned to the judges to fund eye tests and Lazer treatment. ( mainly to burn away the hideous images )

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