Post 123


Dear Portglenone.wordpress,

Actually, it’s ‘Frances’, I’m a lady gay and therefore do not have a ‘lad’. I do have a CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED but the instructions say that it should not come into contact with water as it could go on fire.

Also, we still call them ‘Opal Fruits’ and don’t understand how ‘Starburst’ relates to…….oh hang on, I think I follow you now.

Anyhurling durling, thanks for the info on the other stuff as her and me are back going at it like a pair of rabbits but just one more point of clarification. Do we actually have to ‘eat’ them for them to count?

Dear Frances,

I strongly feel that a home visit would be best at this point.


10 thoughts on “Post 123

  1. Anyway, can ye give me any advice on me ain problem, a long shadow, I’m tortured with it this lifetime. Cant shake it off. It’s worse in good weather.

    • Shadows are all about perception, Hithe. Some people might say that you should be embarrassed by them and they are right, you should be. A quick and effective way to eradicate this shameful stigma is to gouge out both eyes with a fork.

  2. Does the Doc sell good meth? Cause if he does, he dancin’ with my bird. Nobody dances with my bird. Nough said! End of.

  3. I’m not going to stand for any more of this anti-Killycon sentiment. I know it’s not the greatest spot on earth but it is known as ‘The Naville of the West’.

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