Post 106

The alleged unearthing of a completely new ‘Commandment’ on a wall scroll within Portglenone’s Third Presbyterian Church (that’s the second one) has been exposed as an elaborate hoax.

The eleventh edict, which was first noticed during Protestant mass on Sunday ran, “Thou shalt not heed a word them hoors over the bridge say about Jesus”.

“We’re Christians!” Insisted the Minister, the Reverend Ofstory, “which means we’ll fairly much swallow anything but nevertheless we decided to call in the experts.”

Carbon dating quickly established that the addendum was in fact, about an hour old and the ink from the felt-tip used was still wet.

Notwithstanding the proof, another new branch of Presbyterianism based on the commandment has now been established in the village.


4 thoughts on “Post 106

  1. Sure ye should have knowed straight aff it was a fake, the commandments were writ in stone. Still it brought back memories of TC’s Taxonomy of seceded churches; to quote, ‘the Cunnites, the Hephzibahs and the Killathumpians.’

  2. Thank Allah…..I’ve been accepted into ‘The Church Of Latter Day Hoors Across The Bridge’…..signed….Mr. S Rushdie.

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