Post 104

It’s always sad to see any building with a proud and interesting past, lying in disused dereliction. None more so than the hidden gem that is the World War II, concrete pill-box buried among the trees on Clements’ Hill, opposite McCann’s Garage.

But rather than just bemoan the loss of these old monuments, we intend to restore this ruin to its former glory by filling it, once more, with pills.

So this Friday, 12th July, we call on all residents of Portglenone and surrounding districts to bring as many pills as you can lay your hands on, to the site, bearing in mind that all types of benzodiazepines and Viagra are the best for space-filling.

Please don’t steal any pills directly, much better to just attend your doctor feigning some disorder so that you can contribute with a clear conscience.

We have organised entertainment for the day with marching bands and platform speakers in the field below but if you can’t attend, feel free to stop your car on the way past and shout encouragement at those who have made the effort. Comments such as, “Keep taking the tablets!” would be most appropriate.


3 thoughts on “Post 104

  1. All them Nazis had to do was come down the Bellaghy Road and they could have taken Clements’ Hill and wouldn’t even have been seen.

  2. I think that with some of your choices of tabs you are only going to make things hard for the brethren
    don’t you know they prefer a traditional route. Maybe some E-Belfast-Es would brighten up their day.

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