Post 101

The Tweets, Larry Cunningham and Paddy O’Flaherty; (that’s the one who never really got a full time job with the BBC) just a few of the global superstars who have graced the stage of Clady Hall over the decades.

But late in 1979, the appearance of one band would dwarf all others and go down in history as a defining moment in Rock ‘n’ Roll. I refer to the now legendary performance by camp, mediocre pish-pop quartet, ‘Racey’.

The band exploded into action with a stirring rendition of chart smash, ‘some girls’ which had the crowd literally watching. Without pausing for applause, they stormed into their second single but it wasn’t much good, so halfway through they picked up ‘some girls’ again. Another attempt at publicising their new single went badly to be honest and they were booed from the stage.

Ever the professionals, Racey entertained those left in the hall with a special encore version of ‘some girls’ although it must be reported that sadly, they did not get a fit-bird to mime the deep, male voice bit at the end of the chorus as they had done on Top of the Pops.

Writing in his biography some years later, lead singer Phil Fursdon and now assistant director of entertainment at Butlins in Skegness,  said of his time spent in Clady,

“Most girls did!”

Racey? Hardly!



8 thoughts on “Post 101

  1. I mine I was at Clady one night. I was at Clady every Sunday night. I only mine the one though . Meth and Meths does that to a body.

  2. Most girls did? In Clady Hall? Most girls went for a mineral, brown lemonade most likely, and that was it. Fact!

  3. How could you not mention Manfred Mann 1976, their forgettable encore of The Mighty (Dinky) Quinn. All the pupils at school had a fragment of Paul Jones’ shirt which apparently was made of cotton,silk,velvet,corduroy,sackcloth,wool,denim,leather & Fur and about 40 different colours. An Immemorable night was had by all.

  4. Man fir man the Staghan tug-o-war team of the late ’70 was the best outfit ever about Clady, and all thy wore were big boots.

  5. Yeah I was at the Mannfred Mann gig. Spoiled a bit by that countdown to them coming on that went on for ages. 54321 over and over and them already on stage! Ridiculous.

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