Post 90

During renovations last year to celebrate the centenary of Moneystaghan Hibernian Hall just west of Clady, workers discovered an odd but ingenious and forward-thinking innovation to the design of the building.

The base of the hall is attached to the foundations of the primary school across the road by means of eight, ten inch, steel cables. Apparently the thinking at the time was, that if either building were to be subjected to some sort of alien abduction attempt in the traditional, ascension-beam fashion, the nefarious craft would first have to pull the other building underground and across the road.

The chances of such visitors’ ships having the leverage to achieve their goal seem slim but as parish priest, Fr Neil Ingdown pointed out, “The whole enterprise may be compromised if these off-worlders get angry and decide just to zap the fuck out of both buildings”.

Artist’s impression of the underground cables.



3 thoughts on “Post 90

    • They’re both cousins of the hubby’s uncle Fr. Riddle Lynn. Smoked all my meth the last time they visited “collecting for the missionary positions”. Bastards

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