Post 87

The Gortgole Road which stretches north from the village of Portglenone is not just a pleasant riverside drive, peppered with little woods and mixed farmland; it is also the home to a strange phenomenon known locally as ‘The Disappearing Road’.

If one travels along the road, one is unlikely to notice anything out of the ordinary for about a distance of five miles when suddenly and without warning, the roads comes to a mysterious and inexplicable end.

Marked only by some painted white lines on the tar and a steel sign which reads, ‘stop’, the road simply ceases to exist at that point.  Happily, the surely confused traveller still has the option to turn either left or right on to the Tamlaght Road and continue their journey but it will be a journey marred by the unnerving memory of this ghostly experience.


3 thoughts on “Post 87

  1. A strange thing that. In them olden days they would have blamed the ‘Little People’, who used to live in those little woods you mentioned, like Big Gortgole Wood. They were awkward wee bastards, glad the EU got rid of them.

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