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One of the most ambitious and impressive feats of engineering ever seen on the island of Ireland, ‘The Bann Drainage Schemes’ of the last 200 years stand as testament to man’s victory over the forces of nature.

Paid for through the rates gathered in Magherafelt and Ballymena Councils, the deepening of the river ensures that the large farms near Ballymoney no longer flood after heavy rain.

Even more interesting however, was the sheer number of historical artifacts uncovered during the work. As well as your common or garden stone-age tools, bronze swords, early Christian chalices and ‘The Missing Link’ between man and his ape-like ancestors, archaeologists also discovered Europe’s largest hoard of assorted Lego blocks.

Although discoloured, experts were able to identify several of the large, flat green pieces used as bases and the head of a figurine with a jaunty expression and fetching handlebar moustache.  Sadly his little helmet was missing.

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2 thoughts on “Post 76

  1. That would be about right. In the geological time chart just after the carbonaceous age you have the palaeogene age then the plasticine age and then the Lego Ver age. It was a sub-period of the early iron age when all the iron was made of plastic. It didn’t last long that particular age, the plastic cooking pots were crap.

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