Post 72

When Clady Timber Ltd took the decision a few years ago to relocate to the Garvaghy Road in Portglenone, whilst deciding to retain their company name, locals found it mildly amusing.

Those tears of laughter however, have now turned to consternation as those living on the road awoke on Thursday morning to find their landscape utterly changed.

During the night, unknown to all but a few, the builder’s yard had been joined by Clady Shop, Clady Bar, Clady Chippie, Clady School and even Clady Chapel.


“I knew something was afoot,” said one Garvaghy Road resident, “when I was unable to get out my front door as Clady Phone box was now blocking the way. I mean, I can put up with the most of it but they’ve even moved Clady Factory and started producing those shiny nylon shorts with the colourful trim. Those things are a fire hazard!”

Disgruntled Garvaghy locals have hit back today by re-naming Clady Meats, ‘Drumcree Church’ and have applied to The Parades Commission to march there on Monday via Beechland Drive.


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