Post 68

Regardless of what the name suggests, a recent study reveals that Grannystown is not the home to significantly more Grannies than any other townland in Portglenone.

The research discovered that Finlaystown in fact topped the list with Grannystown actually returning a result which was 0.557% below the average.

Rumours circulating that a great number of grannies have recently been witnessed in the vicinity of Maboy are scurrilous lies and besides, she was only 49.


Selective Chart showing how I lied




10 thoughts on “Post 68

  1. Shut up Penny! You didn’t even know your granny. I did. She’s really your mother but me and Bunny came to an arrangement. She had the gender realignment snip and I’d pretend she’s your Ma. Though technically , she wasn’t a GILF yet as you were the oldest granddaughter / youngest daughter. I think.

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