Post 64

If you, yourself, happen to have spent time working as a human rights activist with wide-ranging experience in Africa, are a knight of the British Empire and more recently, became an executed hero of the Irish War of Independence, you will probably already be aware that Sir Roger Casement spent much of his young life around Portglenone House which is now the guest house at the monastery.

What you mightn’t as yet know is that Roger, after several warnings, received a lifetime ban from all snooker halls in the village.

Mystery shrouds the full story behind these injunctions but a fragment from an old manuscript, believed to be the annual report from the secretary of one club, hints that the controversy may have been strategy-related.

“I entered the playing room where I at once noticed young Master Casement, his balls on the table and impressive cue in both hands and making his approach. It seemed clear to me that his intention was to go for the brown when it was obvious to everyone that the pink was the appropriate option.”

The possibility that the note was a forgery designed to discredit Casement, cannot be ruled out at this stage.


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