Post 62

It’s a well-known fact in the locality that Brian Carragh O’Neill, the infamous Gaelic chieftain who resided on a Crannog in Greenlough, had the strange custom of always hanging condemned souls in pairs.

From the pages of the Annals of the Four Masters, we discover that this habit was not the only evidence of O’Neill’s fixation with the number ‘2’.

“1556 – O’Neill, son of Calgorm óg, son of Calabhornia, son of Caldacops, son of Calpol, son of Dan Joe did rise against the Uí thuitre and did slain two of their number with two swords. The he dideth doth fire two keeps of the English and returneth to his crannog for two beef sausages from Kearney’s and had a number two. The attack did fair scunner the people of thereabout who protesteth, ‘Surely this O’Neill hath obsessive compulsive malady’”

To this day, multiple personalities abound in the district, Benny/Bunny Lynn!


11 thoughts on “Post 62

  1. Did you know that O’Neill was related, by murder, to Surly Boy McDonnell, but was no kin of the Ennisrush (the traditional spelling) McDonnells who are descended from Mildly Upset McDonnell who was the only son of Mad Bastard McDonnell frey Kells. The Ice Cream McDonnells who used to live near the head of the town were a different crowd completely.

  2. Weak acronyms aside, Glenone and Portglenone are relational antonyms but at a stretch (from the Sandy Lonan to Glenballyeamonn Graffin’s fruit and vegan stall), are also gradable and complimentary.

  3. Don’t you mention our Binny to me. Wee hoor’s trapped in the 3d printer since three weeks last Saturday coming. He was trying to upload himself tae some quare Yank wan but she ran out of cartridges.

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