Post 48

BREAKING NEWS wins title of “Gayest small letter ‘l’ font on a Bann Valley based blog”.

After only a week, this blog has already come to the attention of the World Internet Foundation who described the letter l thus;

“What PWC has done here is combine the classic capital L with the jaunty curved upturn of its lowercase cousin and come up with a camp hybrid that has all the joie de vivre of a New Forest based detective saga starring June Whitfield and Patricia Routledge.”

For our part, we have to say that it was just the default font which came with this free theme and we are not best pleased with the insinuation made by this award. I intend to lodge a complaint just as soon as I get back from my ballroom dancing class.


6 thoughts on “Post 48

  1. When I type the letter ‘l’ it doesn’t turn gay til I hit ‘Post Comment’. And you ‘re the Mod here. Have you a transgender editing tool in your software?

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