Post 46

With the ongoing success of Derry’s year as ‘City of Culture’, Portglenone has emerged as one of the front-runners for the inaugural ‘Village of Thran’ which will be held throughout 2015.

They will face stiff competition for the honour from the likes of every village in Tyrone and the entire Glens of Antrim but Portglenone has jumped ahead of the field by cleverly refusing to enter.

A committee set up to manage the bid, disbanded after the first meeting and a spokesman refused to comment.

If successful, ‘Village of Thran’ could see thousands of tourists flood into…Portrush. Exact plans for the year are still shrouded in obtuseness but we can guarantee there’ll be face-paining and bouncy-cacti for the children.


One thought on “Post 46

  1. Bouncy-Cacti ? what sort of pricks came up with that idea.? and I was wondering why I could’nt find any red,white or blue paint in Low-gams shap.

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