Post 24

Now that they have been on display for a couple of years, residents of Portglenone have been commenting on the impressive metals sculptures in the village square.

Each standing over 300 metres high, the cross community instillation depicts a fine Irish colleen instructing a cross-dressing man on how to conduct oneself with feminine poise whilst wrestling with an octopus.



Gay rights activist, Peter Tatchell praised the initiative and also congratulated the village on the opening of the nearby bi-cycle shop.

Readers should be aware that ‘straight’ cycle shops are also available.

Revelers emerging from Pat’s Bar were asked what they thought of the artwork. 65% said, ” I would” and an additional 22%  added, “I already have!”


3 thoughts on “Post 24

  1. The ‘Jock and the Frock ‘ or ‘The Jock in the Frock’ after throwing out time @ Big Steve’s. He ‘s the Burgermensch.

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